The Vancouver Project

Since the beginning of August, Allan has been touring Vancouver on his skateboard, producing artwork at various locations along the way.

You can view his production by visiting the link below:





You can order his work through his website or directly by emailing him at

In His Own Words

When the sun is out, I need to be outside. I'm compelled to be in nature: immersed in a forest, at the beach, or exploring the urban jungle as I skateboard through the city streets.

The stories I find in nature fascinate me. In Stanley Park there are trees that are hundreds of years old! You can see their life course through their growth patterns: some have limbs growing on top of other trees; they twist and they turn, slowly growing through the seasons and over the years.

The stories I find in the city also fascinate me. Vancouver has a rich history, one that is still being played out today. You can see it in the way the city is organized, which buildings go up, where the people are walking and how they are exchanging.

I enjoy painting scenes on location. In the forest this is simple enough: you find a nice tree trunk and make yourself at home. As I paint, I enjoy the squirrels passing through, the birds calling. I feel as though the forest opens up to me the longer I sit. That said, I've never had an art review from a chipmunk! So I take my work to the city.

On the streets I watch the people. I look at the buildings. The designs, the movements. I like to draw in natural lighting and love the way the light pours over certain buildings or through the streets at various times of day. This 'lightplay' is something I make an effort to highlight in my work.

A major perk of working on the streets is the immediate feedback I get from viewers. I make an effort to produce work that the general public find familiar yet extraordinary. Working in public has done wonders for developing a sense of what people like to see and what people will buy.

As this Vancouver Series comes to a close, I am grateful for all of the support I've received from friends, both new and old. I have grown immensely on personal and professional levels. I look forward to a new season in White Rock, where I'll be at it all over again.

Allan Turton

August 29th, 2018

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