Starbuck Lovers

Shortly after I completed this; I met a man, older; searching for his home; he said he lives at St. Clair and Spadina. That's in Toronto. We're in Vancouver. Thankfully, the police station was across the street. I walked him in. When we parted, he thanked me and said "God bless you". Later, I cried.

Bedtime, I text my mother goodnight. She replies: "xoxo love you too. I've been missing my mom today. 10 years ago was her last birthday on earth"

My grandmother had early stage dementia when she passed. Seldom did I notice this in her. * My grandfather looked exhausted when She passed away.

My grandfather looked exhausted when He passed away.

Today I signed a document, I am receiving my final portion of their estate.

I still have Her paintbrush His sweatshirt keeps me warm at night

Thank you Nana and Poppa I love you both.

Later, I laughed.


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