Not Really Alone

In life we face hardships, bottlenecks, blockages. The way forward doesn't seem so clear. We may feel helpless as though we simply aren't equipped with what we need to get through. In these times it is important to return to our source, to know that we are capable of surmounting any obstacle, if only we will listen, if only we will acknowledge the light within us, cultivate it, and let it shine.

We do this with our breath:

Breathe in (whooshhhhh)

Breathe out (ahhhhhhh)

Expansion (whhoooosh)

Contraction (ahhhhhhh)

Find the tension (whoooooosh)

And release (ahhhhhhh)

There may be areas where we are stiff, uncertain, uncomfortable (whooooooosh)

Give these feelings a place to breathe, a place to unwind, and let them go (ahhhhhhhh)

We can access any space in our bodies, with our minds, our intention (whoooooosh)

We can acknowledge our own struggles, we can love our humanity, we can let it go (ahhhhhhh)

In doing this, we are cleansing our system (whoooooosh)

Making way for life, brightness, clarity (ahhhhhhhh)

It's like sweeping the floors, organizing the cupboards, making the bed (whoooooooosh)

Clearing the way for new ideas, potential, direction (ahhhhhhhhh)

Once we've set ourselves straight, in our bodies, we're capable of navigating our surroundings. We can touch people in our lives, relationships, dramas, we can do so with a healing hand. We become a healing unit in our communities, where the solutions are both apparent and inviting. We do what needs to be done, not to hold others in our debt, but to free others from their burdens. Recognizing that we are one and all connected, and that to help another is to help ourselves.

The stars in the night sky shine brilliantly. They are independent, radiant each on on their own. Yet, among each other they are a chorus, a story of the life force running through each and every thing, including us. So, when the night is cloudy, and the way is dark, we reconnect with that life, we sing our song, in harmony with all creation, knowing that even when we're alone, we're not alone,

Not really alone.



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*I wish you all the brilliance and beauty of a starry night sky*

Until next time,

Allan Turton

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