Let the Pirate Go

This morning I am reflecting on energies, how to be grounded and loving, productive, connected to the source, loving.

This is the solution to a mixture that I've been living recently, where I've felt much more like a pirate, roaming around hither and thither searching for booty.

Have you ever heard people asking you "are you happy"? or "put a smile on"! While these comments are largely well meant, I've discovered that they are basically targeted at the heart chakra. As if loving in an outward and emotional sense is the root of all goodness in life.

And I've lived that life.

There's a lot of good in it. Yet, we must remain grounded as well, so as not to be swept off our feet and live life always on the run.

Case in point: Pirates.

Recently I read the Story 'Treasure Island', a classic novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. It is perhaps the definitive read describing the character of what we romantically imagine to be a pirate: comical, dangerous, on the move, liars cheaters and stealers, self-centered bounty hunters. In the Stevenson's novel, published in 1883, he describes these characters as a hearty bunch. They are magnificent, alluring, often with a scope and depth to their character unfamiliar to a 'fresh water swab' (and sometimes with no more depth than a shot of rum). I felt virgin compared to these ocean characters. Yet I realized just as well that the character had, above else, a profound heart chakra. As if it were a tool used to take advantage of others, to make them feel at ease, or in awe, as a show, and when the show was done, the way was set to their self-serving ends.

There was another character in the novel 'the doctor', who was a real rock. When first introduced, in contrast to the pirate Billy Bones, he is not moved, in fact he puts a sheer end to the ranting and raving of a pirate through grounding and reason alone. One gets the impression that the doctor, cool, calm, firm, is grounded enough to see through the rouse being put on by the pirate. It is not that the doctor is a 'stick in the mud' (though the pirate sure felt so), but rather that he knows which way to move according to a healthy and true base. It also so happens that the doctor is the first to mention the Bible in the story.

Anyways, after having read the novel, I was quite disturbed, and overjoyed in a way, as I felt that I was seeing myself through a lens where my short-comings were so obvious, as if the cosmos had sent me this book to say 'Hey Allan, have you considered that you may be acting like a pirate?" It is from no ill will to say it, and I feel blessed to have read the book, blessed to read about these characters who are always on the run, who will say one thing and do another, and who, it seems, are on a downward spiral towards Davy Jones' Locker.

That said, I'm grateful to have let go. To have accepted that it is okay to be stern, rational, and grounded, even in the face of another who is supposedly loving and kind. I'm now reflecting on the chakra systems, and the importance of establishing a healthy and balanced system, so as to not let one be carried away by the other. Indeed, so that one may be in harmony with another, leading to life of health, wellness and peace.

That's all <3


Allan Turton

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