Gains in the gym only happen when you make gains in your life.

My fitness instructor will teach me how to lift this and that. The truth is, there's a way to do it. If you wanna bench 300lbs then you gotta learn the form. If you wanna lift that then you gotta train consistently and be a healthy person. And people do it. They lift and they gain and it's fucking awesome to see.

And my favourite part is how those simple principles apply to life outside the gym. You wanna accomplish something? Yeah it's possible and it's gonna take some real discipline, a consistent effort and a healthy dose of mindfulness.

My gains in the gym have been directly related to gains in my life generally, that includes my business and my personal life. It's all about making the right adjustments and then applying yourself. Day after day. Success after failure. Time and again.

I'm grateful to be part of the community at Kingdom Athletics, including @coachryanreid guiding me through solid every day and for people like @salina.autumn who know hella good about how to eat in a way that's gonna optimize your life.

Life is good, let's move along :)

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