Art as an Alignment

The continuous production of artwork, for me, has led to a coming and going of my sales.

While I enjoy making 'art', as it were, it is consistently an unreliable source of income. Yet, it seems, it is the most consistent form of alignment and clairvoyance.

What I mean is, that while the vast majority of my visual arts has never sold, the process of making visual arts has put my life in such a state of being that I have been capable of seeing what the next stage of my commercial work will be.

To be sure, the greatest turnaround for my work, in terms of commerce, is when I am making it as an explicit service to another. It is targeted, catered, and earthly. For example, painting a mural in a restaurant, or painting an advertisement on a window. These are but a few examples of many, and do, in their own way, seem to make the world a much better place.

Conversely, my personal artwork is boundless. It is akin to a sort of kundalini yoga; meaning, the process of making real 'art' leads me to an upward movement in time, traversing dimensions towards a place where much is to be seen. From this vantage point, I am able to see the next step in my relationships, the next step in my business, the next step for my health. Last night, after having produced the art piece 'Love Each Other' I moved myself back into my tent for a hearty night sleep. Note that prior to this I had been sleeping for about a week straight in what is effectively an attic (a lofty space that is small, walled in, dusty area, with no windows. It is a warm and private place to work, yet no place to spend extended period of time for good health. Anyways, I moved myself into the tent out in the back 40, and slept under the trees and stars. Remember, this is after having spent the previous 3 hours producing what is typically referred to as 'artwork'.

I could hardly sleep. Not for lack of comfort, but for the multitude of visions that were being downloaded into my eye. Whereas prior to having made my art, my day was a fog, and somewhat lacking in potential, direction, and inspiration. Now, in my tent, I was post-artum, with vision after vision of what the next step and next next step (and so on) of my professional life would entail.

I went up, and I saw wonders


My point here is, that artwork in itself, indeed, spiritual practice, in itself, at its best, is a process of cleansing and enlightenment. This process in and of itself leads to health and bounty in all other areas of life. Indeed, without this process, I cannot conceive of how we may be able to achieve health and wellness in any case.

Bringing my pencil with me on my 'trip to the moon', is not necessary, regular prayer and meditation will do fine, yet it has lead to such an articulate understanding of my medium, visual arts, that I have been able to distinguish myself in my career.

That is a very good feeling.

So, people, and fellow artists. To you I say, continue to make good things, for yourself and others. Please do this knowing that good things come to those who do good things. This is a fundamental law of reality. I assure you that doing the right thing will lead to benefits, and in fact is the only way to truly improve your state of being. Do not sleep under the weight of your worries and concerns. Problems are a matter of perspective. It may well be that the only way to see our direction is to break through the weight of our troubles into a realm where trouble and worry cease to exist. It is there that you will find heaven, it is there you will find peace, and it is from there that you will gain the perspective that is necessary for solving your troubles back on Earth.

That's all,

Allan out.

PS The morning after having made the above art piece 'Love Each Other' I was listening to an excerpt from 'Hidden Egypt', an 8 pt. documentary on Ancient Egypt which I've been enjoying. In it, Alisdair Simpson describes artwork which he has found in the Egyptian temples:

"The enigmatic cobra rising from the third eye of the Pharaoh is so prevalent that it is almost synonymous with Egyptian art. What did it mean? The central aspect of the Pharaohs were that they were humankind perfected, elevated to the divine plane. The cobra, over the pineal gland areas served as the perfect insignia of their status, but also connects to a concept found in countless cultures; it echoes and amplifies similar concepts at the heart of Hindu and Asian sacred teachings. The transformation into a higher spiritual manifestation, is symbolized by the Hindus as a kundalini snake. It represents life energy, redirected and refined for the creation of a higher spiritual presence. Similarly, throughout tantric, alchemical, and modern magical disciplines, it is an indicator of the universal pursuit of a higher consciousness.?

I found it incredible that I had illustrated the night before the very subject matter which he was describing in the Egyptian temples, without having been consciously aware that this was what I was doing. Note the Cobra motif rising over the head of the meditating figure, note also the pineal gland situated in the center of his head, note the energy rising from the base, with a rising sun in the background. All of these subjects are present across cultures, and across time. The explanation, from what I understand, and from what the above-mentioned civilizations understood, is that true principles are universal; they transcend time and space; they are, in a sense 'always alive', therefore, any person or culture which aligns themselves with the real motions of the cosmos, will express it in just the same fashion, as it is from the same source.

Reality is timeless, and it is for everyone.

That's all.

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