04: Captain Corona And the Case of the Empty Chest

The night was dark,


But the day so much darker!


Captain Corona

And The Case of the Empty Chest!

The Chest was always empty,

To that I felt no shame,

But now it seemed

The whole world round

Had problems just the same

An Fer All I Learned

In Times of Woe

When me Blunderbuss

Jus' wouldn't blow

Tharr was but one solution

To feed me soul

An 'twas carin' true

For the ones you know

Fer Gold may come,

And Gold may go,

Just like the wind,

Or So I'm told,

But one thing ne'er been bought nor sold,

N' that's a friend that's true,

In Times of Woe.

-Allan Turton

March 18th 2020

Thank you for taking the time to read this short comic; I hope you enjoyed! Feel free to contact me at my email franklyallan@gmail.com. on Facebook 'Allan Turton', or on my instagram @turtona if you have any questions, or just want to say hello!

Bye for now! - Allan Turotn

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